Rescue, Recovery & Realisation

Many businesses are now facing a major challenge. Companies can flounder and often fail. In all business sectors, companies today operate in a constantly changing environment – changing technology, changing competitors, changing customer demand. When directors decide to tackle financial difficulties early, experience shows that an early approach gives a much greater chance of recovery. O’ Connor Pyne & Co. provide practical support and advice to directors, shareholders and advisors and of Companies of all sizes. We do not assume that insolvency proceedings are always inevitable, and we will examine all options available to a Company.
We are happy to work alongside your current advisors in order to assess your situation and advise you on your best course of action. These days’ healthy relationships with your Bankers are paramount. We have been very successful in assisting our Client’s restructure bank debt. The economic downturn in recent times has resulted in the skills of Corporate Recovery being brought to the fore once again. We have a diverse and varied experience and provide the full range of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency services, including: Members Voluntary Liquidation
  • Examinerships
  • Schemes of Arrangements
  • Independent Business Reviews
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
  • Court Liquidation
  • Receivership
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