In business, disputes will arise, this can be related to a range of issues including:
- fees - the dissolving of a partnership - the valuation of an asset All too often these cases end up in protracted, acrimonious and highly expensive legal battles in front of the Courts. Going to trial is expensive and stressful, oftentaking months or years of costly litigation, with no guarantee of an outcome that satisfies the parties when you get there. In the current economy, businesses can no longer afford months or years between court appearances or continuing ruptures to business relationships. Mediation has become a significant area of importance to many Clients. In order to avoid additional costs andextensive legal arbitration, we provide a service that includes a financial model, a fresh approach to a situation and we can identify new possibilities that parties may not have identified previously. Mediation is a process in which an impartial and independent third party facilitates communication and negotiation. The benefits of reaching agreement through mediation are often very significant, both financially and personally. Mediation is entirely private and can help to avoid unwelcome publicity. Mediation can be used as a platform to expedite a speedy and cost effective settlement arrangement. Mediators are absolutely neutral and are there to assist the parties to reach an agreed, mutually acceptable solution. Nothing is agreed until both parties sign up to it. The process is voluntary and either party can withdraw at any time. However, if a settlement is reached, it is legally binding.