Conor Pyne

Partner <ul> <li>Conor is the founding partner of O’Connor Pyne &amp; Co. Limited and is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over fifteen years’ experience auditing medium and large sized companies and groups.</li> <li>Since establishing this firm, Conor has built a large audit client portfolio comprising of companies of various size from small, to those having turnover of over €150m.</li> <li>He has expanded his areas of his expertise to the field of insolvency, transaction advisory services and corporate restructuring.</li> <li>He has over 10 years’ experience as an insolvency practitioner, has acted for the Revenue Commissioners in Court Liquidations and has acted on the NAMA panel for receiverships on numerous occasions.</li> <li>He has excellent relationships with the leading banks and alternate lenders and has considerable experience raising capital.</li> <li>He has acted as a transaction advisor in notable cases such as the acquisition of Fota Island Resort, Lyrath Estate Hotel, The Kingsley Hotel and many others.</li> <li>He also provides advice in the context of judicial separations and divorce, including valuing shares in family companies and giving evidence in court.</li> </ul>