Changing Accountant

Are you Thinking of Changing Accountant?

We all know from time to time, it’s a good idea to take a high level look at where we are now and what we really want from our business and life. In the current market it is important to examine all of the costs of your business to ensure that you are getting the best return on your outgoings.

There are many reasons why you should change accountants. These might include:Changing accountants

  • poor service and /or mistakes
  • unexpected fees
  • poor value for money
  • lack of technical knowledge
  • phone calls not returned promptly
  • very little access to the partner
  • agreed deadlines not met
  • proactive service not provided
  • missed a tax or Companies Office filing deadline
  • unexpected CRO and tax liabilities
  • lack of rapport

When you approach your new accountant be precise about:

  • your needs
  • your plans
  • your worries
  • your aspirations
  • explain why you found your previous accountant inadequate.

You should feel comfortable in dealing with your new accountant and be satisfied that they have the necessary experience and technical skills and can provide the service you require.

Don’t be put off by the thought of changing accountants. It is easy, and we help clients through the process on a weekly basis. Many clients get stuck in a rut with an underperforming accountant and never realise that they should not accept second best.

We can meet you any time, weekends and evenings included. There are no obligations. We let you know what we can do for you, and you decide if you want us to do it!

If you are happy for us to be your accountant we will ask your permission to act on your behalf with the Revenue Commissioners by signing a very basic agent letter.

We will then write to your current Accountant advising your intention to change or alternatively you can contact them. Once we have carried out a professional enquiry, we will request a copy of your Accounting & Tax records, as well as any paperwork they have belonging to you, which they are obliged to give to us.  They are entitled to bill for any costs they have incurred on work in progress, but not to charge for the ordinary work involved in the  handover process.

If you want to take the first step in building greater success and achieving the rewards that you want then contact us and we can advise you on planning for what you really want in your business.